Sunday, 3 September 2017

Day Fourteen

After some breakfast we all took a walk up the hill to the town to be rewarded by some fantastic views of the bay and the distant Skorpios island.  I was itching to get back to the yacht as today was the last chance to get some shots of the yacht using the drone whilst it had it sails up and I wanted to do it before the wind picked up. I had left it to the last day just in case, it was do or die.  As soon as we were out of the harbour we got the sails up and I launched the drone out of my hand standing on the back.  I had originally planned to use the circle function of the drone but I was getting some decent video with manual control so left it at that.  Once I had the shots I needed I brought the drone to the back of the yacht and then tried to match the speed so I could reach out and grab it.  Thankfully all went well.
We were off to Nidri today, our final destination.  It was only a short journey, around 6 Nautical Miles so decided to take our time and just take it really slowly and hug the coast.  It was refreshing to be able go slow and not have to rush somewhere and just enjoying our surroundings. 
We were the first to get to the hotel Iris in Nidri and we moored up and Diane made a bread based pizza with some of our remaining food supplies.  When we were finished the lead boat had arrived and said we were ok to go and use the Hotel.  Amy went off to explore the pool while we cleaned the yacht for a bit and then went to join her.  We spent the afternoon by the hotel pool unwinding, enjoying cocktails from the pool bar and reflecting on what a great holiday it has been.  It was good to have the hotel as a base as the water around where we were moored was slimy and full of jelly fish. 
That evening the lead boat had organised a final farewell group BBQ.  A fantastic way to get everyone together on the last night, lots of reminiscing of tales past and a bit of somberness about the impending dread of back to normality, work and school runs.  During the meal we had an award ceremony where the boats where awarded trophies for things like Dancing King, Man Overboard, Best Parking and we picked up the trophy for Wildlife spotting due to the two turtle sightings and the dolphin sighting.  The drinking and socialising went on until the early hours.  We said our goodnights around midnight to get an already tired Amy off to bed. 

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