Friday, 1 September 2017

Day Thirteen

We decided that we would head towards Spartahori on Meganisi Island.  We had a choice of a few destinations but this place looked beautiful and on the quieter side.  Several of the other boats on the flotilla also had chosen this destination so we knew we wouldn't be alone.  We didn't leave Fiskardo until around 11.20, this was due to a lot of anchor issues with the flotilla.  We ended up leaving our kedge anchor lodged in the harbor and marked with a fender as the lead crew couldn't retrieve it when the rush was on for everyone to get out in the morning.  They said they would collect it before they left and pass it onto us tomorrow when we all meet up at our final destination of Nidri tomorrow.

About 30 minutes into our journey we were very excited to see dolphins, we frantically tried to grab some video footage but unfortunately they kept popping up in different places and for the briefest of moments.

As the day went on the wind steadily increased and we reached a top speed of 8.9 knots on a beam reach which wasn't as tippy and everyone was enjoying the increased pace.

Just short of Spartahori we found a nice little sheltered spot and anchored up for a quick swim.

As we made our way into Spartahori we spotted Gerry waiting for us,.  Gerry owned the local taverna and was very calm in helping us moor between two other boats.

Spartahori is an absolutely perfect little harbor.  One harbor side restaurant, one beach side cocktail bar, a safe little sand and pebble beach and a short walk to a lovely village.  We like Spartahori.

We ate a Gerry's in the evening and made the most of a wonderful sunset in the bay.  A perfect free sail day.  We even found a great use for the Avon Skin So Soft that we had bought with us a mosquito repellent.  It works great as a lubricant to stop a squeaking mooring ring.


Dolphins.... honest

Swim stop


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