Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Day Eleven

Woke up this morning and the forecast of the thunderstorms had disappeared.  It was still gusting a bit of breeze but the forecast for the day sounded like we may get some good sailing in.  We went for the briefing to be told our destination for the day was Agia Evfimia on the island of Kefalonia.  Even though it was a bit breezy I chanced some cheeky drone time to try and get some pictures of the sailing holidays raft and the super yacht that was still anchored from the night before.

In anticipation of a choppy day we closed all the windows, threw the paddle board inside the yacht and put the life jackets under the cabin seats just in case.    When we got out of the harbor the wind was there although it was coming from the direction we wanted to go.  We had plenty of time so we put the sails up and started to sail.  The swell was quite big and the boat was getting tossed up and down on the waves.  Sailing was frustrating, there wasn't quite enough wind to go fast enough, it kept swirling and changing direction and we weren't making much progress upwind.  As it wasn't enjoyable after about an hour we gave up and powered onwards.  The swell made everyone feel a bit sick and going was slow.

Once we had rounded the southern tip of Ithaki the swell started to ease and as we closed in on our destination we had a few good enjoyable runs.

Agia Evfimia has everything you need close at hand, bakery, ice cream shop, supermarket, shops and tavernas all right next to where we have moored up.  As I sit typing this at 23:40 the music is blasting out form the bars through the open hatches on the yacht.

The lead crew had organised a punch party for us which went down really well with everyone and made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


Yacht in swell 

Punch Party

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