Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Day Ten

This morning the briefing was at Georges restaurant where we ate last night so we indulged in a hot breakfast whilst listening to the lead crew tell us where our next adventure would be.  We were bound for Port Vathi, a small town on the island of Ithaka.  We set off heading for an island about half way called Nisos Atoko.  On the way Amy spotted another turtle, we circled around it and got ready to jump in but this one wasn't having any of it and dove below the surface before we got get any decent pictures.  At Nisos Atoko we moored up at One House Bay which was aptly named due to the number of houses there.  Here we had a play with the paddle board and did some more snorkeling.  I got chance to fly the drone again.  Just as we were about to leave Amy noticed a couple of small jelly fish near the boat so we tried to get a few shots using the selfie stick from the tender.

After a bit of lunch we set off again.  On the 2nd leg of the journey the wind picked up and we reached around 8.2 knots and got a bit of a lean going on.  The wind was fairly steady so it was an enjoyable experience.

We arrived in Port Vathi at around 4.30. We had been told we were to build a miniature raft and sail it in the flotilla raft race at 7 so we set about making a raft out of mainly a wooden fruit crate we had picked up that morning and some other bits of rubbish we had laying around.  Come 7 o'clock everyone presented their rafts.  The rafts were taken out about 50m from shore and let loose.

Tonight as the wind was still about and it was cooler than most nights we decided to eat on the yacht.   As we ate our dinner a massive supper yacht moored in the bay about 100m away and we got a good view of the side of it opening up to reveal a launch which was winched out of the boat and then drove to the back to pick up a few people and whisk then to town.

Possible storms for part of tomorrow so we shall see what that brings.

One House Bay

raft race

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